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Frequently Asked Questions

Tina Berryman-Kamp
  • How many sessions will I need

This very much depends on what is going on for you and what you hope to get from attending.  Generally, contact is relatively brief (6-8 sessions to start with).  During our time together we will continually monitor how things are going and how you feel about it - if it is apparent things are not improving we discuss a plan for moving forward​

  • How often will we meet


Ideally weekly, moving out to longer gaps between sessions as you move forward.  But again this depends on a number of things - practicalities, progress, affordability etc - that we can discuss to work out the best plan for you

  • How do we finish up


We will talk about this throughout our contact, so there is no surprise.  Usually, ending contact is a planned process which we both agree on - based on progress made and how things are going for you.  Before you finish we work out an ongoing plan for wellbeing for you to continue with when you end.  Sometimes, people choose to have a follow up session after 'discharge', just to check in and review where they are at​

  • What happens in the Sessions


​Sessions are just us talking together in a comfortable environment.  Unlike what you see on TV or on-line, you don't lie on a couch, I don't mindread, and I have no special powers.  Our work is done by building a therapeutic relationship that works, and is safe for you​​.  More will happen out of the sessions, where you will be putting what we discuss into action - which we then reflect on when we meet again

  • Can I bring someone with me


You are welcome to bring a support person with you, and it is up to you whether they stay in the session with us or contribute to the conversation.  If you prefer, support people can wait in the comfortable lounge area or garden​

  • Are children allowed


Babies and infants are welcome.  However, for you to focus in the session, it is usually easier if you do not bring children - but we realise this is sometimes not possible.  With older children, we need to be aware of the impact of what they may hear within the session - if appropriate they may wait in the lounge area.​

  • Is it private and confidential


Our discussion is regarded as private and confidential, and your information is securely stored.  There are some exceptions to confidentiality to keep you and others safe, or for legal requirements (as per our consent form).  For information about confidentiality and other ethics, see here .  Note that I can not, and will not, discuss you with anyone else without your consent (except in an emergency or crisis situation where safety requires it; or within my professional supervision).

  • What records do you keep


I am required to keep a written record - either paper or digital - in which I document your basic details, reason you have seen me, what we have covered, progress made, any risks or concerns and plan to address these, and external contacts (if any).  I also document your ongoing wellbeing plan from when we complete.  We will also monitor your outcomes and satisfaction ratings so we can see your progress - this data, as well as any other assessments done will also be kept on file​.  You can ask to see and review your file, and there is a process we follow in that

  • Where can I park


There is limited parking on site, and  plenty of free parking on the road​

  • What do I do when I arrive


Several Psychologists work at 1427 Eruera Street, and there is no receptionist.  You are welcome to wait in the lounge and I will come and get you when I am free, or you can wait outside/in your car if you prefer

  • How much does it cost


All services are based on the standard $180 per therapy 'hour' (50minutes).  Therefore, extended sessions are $270 for 75 minutes, $360 for a double session and so on.  All costs are GST inclusive.  You may be able to get assistance with costs via MSD -; some workplaces have an employee assistance programme that may assist​; or if you have private health insurance sessions may be covered, depending on the details of your policy

  • How/when do I pay

You will be issued with an invoice for payment after your session - usually via email.  This is due for payment within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed.  Late invoice payments incur an additional fee of $20 per week​

  • What if I am not able to attend, or am running late


Get in touch as soon as possible if you realise you can not attend our session so we can reschedule or discuss.  If this is more than 24 hours before your session, you will not be charged.  Non- attendance is charged at full cost.  Cancellation less than 24 hours notice have a 50% cost (ie $90 for standard, $135 for initial/extended)​.  If you are running late, we can go ahead with the session if it is no more than 15 minutes.  Otherwise we will need to reschedule, or you may elect to have a shorter session (at regular cost) 

  • What if I need help between the sessions


You can contact me between sessions, but understand that I may not immediately be available on phone or email, and there may be significant delay in getting back to you.  Extended contact out of sessions (ie more than 15minutes) will be charged at the standard hourly rate noted above.  


If you need urgent assistance, you can contact your GP, phone/txt 1737 to talk with a counsellor or peer support, or contact the Acute Response Team 0800166167 (24hour).  If an emergency/crisis contact 111​

Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns with me directly - it is important that you feel well informed to get the most out of our time together

Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
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