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Reflecting the more general nature of the work I find myself doing, I have rebranded from "Flourishing Families" to "Flourish Aotearoa". However, the kaupapa remains much the same - working with people to grow, to move on and to flourish. It also reflects the option of those out of Rotorua (but within NZ) to work with me - via online sessions, arranged to suit you. Check out details on my site:

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  • Writer's pictureTina Berryman-Kamp

The return to active psychology practice after quite a break seemed a bit daunting at first. Would I remember what to do? Do I still have what it takes? Am I up to date? Am I good enough? Familiar thoughts?

Yes, the good old inner critic sits with me too. But the great thing is choosing to take the step anyway, believing that it will be ok -maybe not perfect, but good enough, and that is perfectly fine. And so it is with many steps in life - most of the time we have to run with what we have, trust in ourselves, identify anything we need to attend to and get on with it. It's kind of wonderful to let go of the pressure of perfection, and step forward in a more authentic space.

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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A special day today as I reentered Eruera Street to start seeing clients again. It's been a number of years away from this place, but it immediately feels like home. This is such a beautiful spot to work from, it feels restful, safe and uplifting. Everyone who visits comments on this, which is such an important initial step when people are coming to discuss things that can be difficult to them. Feeling very thankful that I have been able to return here, and welcome people to come and see me here. Ngā mihi nui, keep safe and well

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