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Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
Tina Berryman-Kamp

From Aotearoa New Zealand
Website with culturally based tools to support young Pacific people to unleash their full potential. Includes tools to strengthen and discover identity and cultural values and apply these in relationships and intergenerational communication. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Beating the Blues
Cognitive behavioural therapy program (‘e-therapy’) for depression and anxiety. Available on referral from primary care provider (government funded) or purchase access privately. This program has been trialled extensively and is evidence-based.

Brainwave Trust
Provides targeted, culturally responsive programmes that: make research–based knowledge available to all in a meaningful way and support people to work out how to improve their care of children based on this information.

Changing Minds
Changing Minds is an Aotearoa New Zealand organisation led by people with lived experience of mental health issues or addiction. Website includes information, resources and opportunities to connect with others with lived experience. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Online platform designed by New Zealand doctors, with quizzes to check symptoms, personalised recommendations, and links to therapists and online tools. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Dear Em
Website to inform and empower young women, providing stories, activities and links. Topics include challenges and skills such as dealing with emotions, gratitude, meditation, calming activities, sexual consent, healthy relationships and mental health. Supported by Auckland City Council and the Help Foundation. Includes significant evidence-based and user-generated content.
Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency website with multiple resources aimed at adults. Includes significant evidence-based content.

E Tū Whānau
Website and movement for positive change, developed by Māori for Māori. Includes significant evidence-based content.

FLO: Pasifika for life
FLO is part of Waka Hourua – New Zealand’s national suicide prevention programme for Māori and Pacific communities – delivered in partnership by Te Rau Matatini and Le Va. The website includes online information and
tools, including family and community facing resources. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Great Fathers
Info and resources for new Dads, their partners and whānau, and professionals in parenting and childhood development.

Website created by New Zealand Rugby with the Mental Health Foundation targeting rugby communities. Topics include cultural identity, sleep, gratitude and travel. Includes self tests, videos and diverse evidence-informed tools for ‘mental fitness’, depression, anxiety, addiction and suicidality.

Health and Disability Commissioner
Promoting and protecting the rights of consumers of Healthcare services. Includes information about your rights in accessing services, and how to make a complaint if you have concerns.

Just a Thought
Free online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) courses for anxiety, depression and ‘staying on track’. Provided in New Zealand by the Wise Group and adapted from ‘This Way Up’ programs (developed and tested
by a research unit from St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of New South Wales). Courses demonstrated to be effective for adults with mild to moderate disorder and include optional links to the user’s clinician.

App with information and tools to support being well, staying well and dealing with stress, especially to support users throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Melon App
Health and wellness app with a variety of programmes, including ‘Living Well’ (a COVID-19 wellbeing-focused program), health journal/trackers, community support and coaches. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Mental Health Foundation Website
Resources, information and extensive links to promote mental wellbeing. Offers access to diverse help and support options, including help in a crisis, suicide prevention and connection. Includes significant evidence based content.

PADA - Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa
Provides information, resources, advocacy and awareness through training and facilitating connections and tools for health care providers who are supporting families with anxiety & depression due to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

Skylight Resilience Hub
Online articles and links focusing on dealing with grief, loss and trauma. Provided by the Skylight Trust. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapy for teenagers with depression, presented in a game like format. Shown to be effective for symptoms of depression and anxiety and tested with adolescents, including rangatahi Māori and Alternative Education students. Modified version (SPARX-R) effective for depression prevention in a large Australian trial. Currently freely available in Aotearoa as a self-help tool, funded by the Ministry of Health.

The Kite Program
Apps with ‘microlearning’ wellbeing modules for mums, business organisations and COVID-19 support.

The Lowdown
Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency website with multiple resources aimed at young people. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Tough Talk Men’s Mental Health
Website with videos, blog and tools for relaxation, cognitive restructuring, motivation and more created by Sam O’Sullivan, clinical psychologist. Free “Focus Toolkit” mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy course. Includes significant evidence-based content.

Voices of Hope
Aotearoa New Zealand website with campaigns, videos and blog to share stories of hope for surviving mental illness or distress and thriving.

What’s Up
Phone and webchat plus a website with information for kids, teens and
families. Includes concise child an
d youth orientated information and tools
for topics such as making friends, dating, identity, worries, depression and

Website with information and resources about wellbeing, common problems, mental health and other urgent challenges for young people, whānau and schools. Also offers links to webchat, phone and text support and includes opportunities to get involved and for inspiration – e.g. the Good2Great video
series. www.youthlin

Source: "Digital Tools for Mental Health and Wellbeing Stocktake" 2021 Prepared for Te Hiringa Hauora | Health Promotion Agency by: Te Herenga Waka | Victoria University of Wellington

International Sites

Beyond Blue (AU)
Australian site - wide range of useful information around mental health, including tips for self care and support.
Black Dog Institute (AU)
Very useful Australian site with information and resources about depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.

Centre for the Developing Child
Harvard University - With a mission is to drive science-based innovation that achieves breakthrough outcomes for children facing adversity, this page provides detailed information around the key aspects of children's development and what is needed to support this and break through adversity.

Circle of Security
Circle of Security is an attachment based parenting programme - taking theory into practical action.  This site provides useful information about the programmes, and the underlying theory.

Mother to (Int)
USA based - a leading authority and trusted source of evidence-based information on the benefit or risk of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia – supports the mental health of parents and families during pregnancy and in their first year of parenthood.  Provides useful resources and information for parents and professionals.

Raising Children (AU)
Provides a wide range of sound parenting information, with info on PND.  Australian based.

Zero to Three
Research based information around supporting the first three years of a child's life as an essential base for future wellbeing, and ways to enhance this.

Helpful Resources

Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
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