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Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
About me: Tina Berryman-Kamp



I have lived in Rotorua for over 20 years and feel very much this is my home place.  Born and raised in Wellington, I come from Dutch/English ancestry - my parents moved to Aotearoa New Zealand in the 1950s.  I feel very privileged to have grown up in this country.  My husband and three children (now  adults) have whakapapa to Te Arawa and Mataatua, meaning our whānau connection to this place is strong.  Over the years I have lived in Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland and Rotorua, and pre-children my husband and I lived overseas for 5 years, working and travelling extensively on our motorcycle.  This was a significant time for me in connecting with my British/European roots.

When not working, I replenish myself by having time in nature, being with my pets, connecting with whānau and reading - and taking a nap.  I also enjoy baking and knitting, both of which I do to donate to local community groups 

- this keeps me well grounded.

In 1990 I graduated from the University of Waikato with a Master of Social Science (1st Class Honours) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology.  Since then I have worked within Corrections, Adult Community Mental Heath Services and Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health Services.  I also established and ran my own Perinatal Mental Health Service for 15 years, providing group and individual therapy and support services for new parents in Rotorua, with a small team of clinical and support staff.   In addition to clinical work, I hold Advisory and Governance board positions, and contribute to various working/advocacy groups around the provision of health services and the developing use of e-tools in mental health.  

As a Registered Psychologist (#90-1009) I hold a Clinical Scope of Practice (click here to find out what this means).  I am a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society (since 1990) - the Institutes of Clinical Psychology and Community Psychology.  I am also a member of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, and the Tauiwi Caucus of the National Standing Committee

of Bicultural Issues. 

I have a strong belief in and commitment to addressing inequity and injustice.  I believe that the best outcomes for all come in working together.  I strongly value integrity and honesty.  While I believe it is important to hold strong to underlying values and beliefs, I also regard flexibility and openness to new ideas and change as being important - acknowledging this can be very difficult at times.  My passion is for getting things right where possible from the beginning - including the early years of life, and focussing on enhancing wellbeing and resilience - at an individual and community level.  I see flourishing and wellbeing is possible for all, that it looks different for everyone, and people need to determine for themselves their path on this - while also accepting that others are part of this journey.

Tina Berryman-Kamp Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
Tina Berryman-Kamp, Psychologist Flourishing Families Rotorua Mental Health Counselling
Tina Berryman-Kamp
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